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Stereo Headphones

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Stereo  Headphones


Stereo Headphones

Stereo Headphones

Power, Comfort, Intensity, and Soul: Stylish Music Hall de-be Headphones Provide Clear, Rich, Engaging Music Playback Via Ultra-Fast Dynamic Drivers and Audiophile-Grade Cable,  Cool-Looking and Great-Sounding Music Hall de-be Headphones Tout Share Tunes Feature That Allows Your Friends to Plug Their ‘Phones Into Yours and Rock Out Together.

Cleverly named after a play on the abbreviation for "decibel," or dB, the Music Hall de-be headphones look sharp, sound wonderful, and feel great.  Renowned for making audiophile-quality components available at low-cost, high-value prices, Music Hall's first headphones are a product to remember. Built to deliver the power, intensity, and soul of every type of music, the noise-isolating Music Hall de-be headphones boast ultra-fast dynamic drivers, a breathable headband, a high-end cable, memory-foam ear pads, and high-grade metal that contributes to their stunning appearance.  The on-ear Music Hall de-be headphones also touts one of the coolest features we've ever seen on a headphone: Share Tunes, which allows your friends to plug their headphones into yours so you can all rock out together. Music Hall also accommodates listeners using their smartphones as music devices.  The included cable comes with a microphone that allows you to answer calls and stop/start your music.  Of course, we think you'll put even the most important callers on hold once you settle into the rich, clear, smooth sonics afforded by Music Hall de-be headphones.  Super-cozy and smartly portable, de-be is the essence of style and sound.

It’s hard to do better without spending a lot more!

de-be specifications:

  • Impedance: 32ohm
  • Sensitivity: 110dB
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Driver unit: 40mm


“As Roy Hall is always great at taking the pulse of the value-driven buyer, Music Hall was showing off its new de-be dynamic driver headphones ($199, available Feb 2015). They have …a mic to answer calls that can stop/start the music, and a headphone input for a friend to plug their headphones into so that both of you can rock out to the same music…”

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